15 Of The Most Creative Pregnancy Announcements

In the past, people used to send out letters in the mail or make telephone calls to share news of an exciting pregnancy with their family and friends. Nowadays, pregnancy announcements have become hilarious competitions. Parents are trying their best to share their exciting news in the most creative, hilarious and unique ways, especially on the Internet. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious pregnancy announcements.

1. Eviction Notice Served

What does a new baby sibling mean to a little girl? It’s not only about the fact that she will become a big sister, but also about eviction! The big sister will have to lose her crib and will have to rock a big girl bed in the next few months. Although it seems to be tough on her at that moment, she will eventually love the feeling of a larger bed and having a little baby to play with.

2. 28 Days Later

Babies are adorable, but they can also drive new moms crazy, especially in the first several months. New moms have no sleep and babies are usually crying 24 hours a day. Only 28 days late, but it means you have to face up to the big changes coming in your life.

3. Ready To Pop…

Some simple balloons and a marker could be the easiest way to create a funny pregnancy announcement. New moms are definitely excited to “pop” the baby out after ten-months’ waiting.

4. Even The Family Dog Is Getting In On The Fun

Newborn babies mean a significant change to the lives of all family members, including dogs. Look, this adorable dog is learning how to get treats after the baby is born.

5. In Shock

Sometimes, one’s look speaks for itself. Look how excited the two sisters are! They are probably thinking that they have another sister/brother to play with. But a baby means a lot of different things to parents, especially when it comes to a third one. Look how scared, or at least shocked that dad is…

6. When You’re Having Twins…

This pregnancy announcement is great. Pregnancy can make the mom really sick during the first 40 weeks, but twins will drive the dad crazy for a lot longer than after they’re born. However, you can see that this new mom and dad are truly happy to share their exciting news!

7. For Sale Pregnancy Announcement

During pregnancy, a new mom and dad may have to drop some of their favorite hobbies, such as playing the drums and wine tasting. That is why they have been put up for sale by the couple. Maybe they can get a new crib instead.

8. The Vanilla Ice Announcement

The vanilla ice announcement is quite popular. With the ice, you can have cooler soda and beer for a party celebrating the good news!

9. Life’s A Beach With A Baby

Another creative and cute way to announce a pregnancy is to use some little tiny items, for example, flip-flops. Here the couples are so creative that they’ve even used blue and pink flip-flops to keep the gender of the newborn baby a secret.

10. A Low-Cost Ultrasound

An ultrasound can also be easily captured if you have a chalkboard, a piece of chalk and some drawing talent. These new parents are showing their sense of humor by using such a way to share their exciting news.

11. This Starbucks Culture Is Getting Crazy

For many mothers-to-be, pregnancy also means that they have to switch to tea from coffee at Starbucks. It is an adorable way to announce pregnancy via their Starbucks preference. See, dad has coffee, mom has tea and the baby has milk!

12. Someone’s Not Happy About Being In The Middle

Middle child syndrome does matter. When a new child comes into a family that already has two babies, the younger child suddenly finds out he/she has suddenly become the middle one. Stop crying little girl, your dad and mom still love you!

13. A Life-Changing Moment – For Your Car

Having a new baby also means that you may have to buy a new vehicle, such as a minivan to accommodate two young children at once. Dad, it’s time to buy a new car.

14. Gaming Culture Is A Popular Choice

These parents, who love gaming, have created a unique “baby” Wiimote for their upcoming child. They must desperately hope that their new child can join in their family gaming parties. Maybe you can also use a baby Joycon for the Nintendo Switch to announce your next pregnancy.

15. Only One Woman

Same-sex pregnancy announcements can sometimes be even more hilarious and creative! There will be only one woman coming in to this family and that will be the newborn girl!

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