15 Intriguing Facts That Make Gal Gadot The Real “Wonder Women”

Rumored as a mixture of Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman and Candice Swanepoel, Gal Gadot, the 178cm lady with a delicate face and invincible life experiences, lives life like a real Wonder Woman. So what makes her so special?

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel. Her father’s family had been living in Israel for six generations while her mother’s family was from Europe which has given Gadot an ancestry of 1/4 Polish, 1/4 Czech, 1/4 Austrian and 1/4 German.

Unlike those skinny and sizzling girls whose actress career gets started really early, Gal was a pretty ordinary teenager. She got started the same way lots of us did. Her first job in high school was to be a fryer in Burger King.

Ordinary but unusual, Gal’s first turning point in her life was when she was crowned as Miss Israel in 2004 at only eighteen. Her Frankness and confidence makes her the sweetest one to win everyone’s hearts.

Later in the competition of Miss Universe pageant that was held in Ecuador, Gadot, who represented Israel, unexpectedly finished outside the top 15. Some rumors were that she just didn’t prepare a suitable evening dress.

Right after her modeling competition, Gadot joined the army just like every other Israeli did. She served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and worked as a combat trainer. ‘You’ve got to give back to the state,’ she said, ‘You give two or three years, and it’s not about you. You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect.’ 

After leaving the army, Gadot did not start her career as a model or actress. Instead, she attended university and studied law and international relations. The best example of an independent woman who is striving for her own ideals.

In Hebrew, her first name means ‘wave’ and her surname means ‘riverbanks’. Just like her name, she is perfectly frank, elegant, confident and strong-minded.

In 2008, when Gadot was shooting Fast & Furious, she married Yaron Versano quietly, an Israeli real estate developer who is also a hard working and career driven guy. According to International Business Times, Gadot described, ‘I think that Yaron and I make a really good team. I understand his career and he understands mine. We help each other progress in all areas of life. We’re both very career driven.’

She is a big fan of motorcycles but seldom rides in her real life. In Fast & Furious, Gadot did all stunt work on her own, though she did not really ride a motorcycle in real life. It finally proved that she was really the perfect fit for Gisele.

Having served in the army, knowing weapons, owning a perfect physical shape, Gadot’s past experiences have prepared her well for the chance to compete for the role of Wonder Women. Here’s the story.

When she was starting her film career, Gadot lost her role as a Bond girl in the audition of Quantum of Solace, when competing with French actress Olga Kurylenko. But she went on to beat her to win the role of Wonder Woman almost a decade later.

Gadot was five months’ pregnant while she was filming Wonder Woman. But she kept it secret and committed to filming till a visible baby bump showed on her belly. Now, Gadot has two lovely daughters, Maya Versano and Alma Versano. How excited these two adorables will be to call ‘Wonder Woman’ mom.

One thing to know, Gadot’s grandfather was a survivor from the Auschwitz concentration camp before he came to Israel. But her grandpa bestowed his wisdom to Gadot. Gadot once said that ‘My grandpa told me that there is no wrong religion, no wrong color and no wrong race. I was taught to love all people for what their heart is.’, and she did just that.

Gadot as well as Wonder Woman set a good example for young girls and teach us girls how to be a good worker, mom and a wonderful woman that can strive for what she wants.

Gadot’s career has really taken off in recent years. She is said to be the most loved Mrs. Israeli in people’s hearts. We are really looking forward to her performance in the coming 2019.​​​​​​​

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