15 Celeb Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous On Older Women

Women reaching the mature goddess chapter of their lives deserve tons of compliments, rather than criticism about their age. These 15 female celebrities have proven there should be no limit to the hairstyles that look fabulous and gorgeous on women over 50. Start the slideshow to find out the best fit for you!

1. Oprah Winfrey’s Curls

If straightened out, Oprah’s voluminous curls would probably be twice as long, which means you need to wear long hair yourself if you like the feeling that those curls hit so flatteringly at the clavicle. 

2. Lisa Kudrow’s Face-Framing Layers

In addition to a jawline-enhancing shorter layer, Lisa Kudrow’s hair looks so stunning all thanks to a shade of blonde that perfectly complements her skin tone. If you get tired of your long blonde hair as well, just revitalize it with some layers and short bangs like her!

3. Meg Ryan’s Beachy Lob

If you’re a summer lover who wants to preserve that summer feeling and look, you have to try out the “queen of curls” Meg Ryan’s recipe. Long, blonde, beachy waves look just as pretty when they’re not so long, so simply pick the length you like!

4. Carrie-Anne Moss’ Side-Swept Crop

Need a bold change in your style? Start with this side-swept crop! Asymmetry can also be flattering, as proven by Carrie-Anne’s haircut, which is kept sleek on one side and playfully flippy on the other. It looks great on any head shape, and we’re sure you will like it.

5. Ellen DeGeneres’ Piecey Pixie

It’s essential to find a haircut that you can turn to when all other hairstyles betray you. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres’ signature pixie never gets old, thanks to blonde highlights that enhance the texture of her hair.

6. Susan Sarandon’s Sweet Shoulder-Length Curls

Susan Sarandon’s cute curls and side-swept bangs feel undeniably youthful, especially in her beautiful auburn shade. Not feeling very edgy and wanting to be attractive for your suit-and-tie event? Perhaps this is a way to go for you!

7. Helen Mirren’s Short Fine Hair

Does a short cut have to be stiff or slick? Well, take a look at Helen Mirren’s soft piecey hairstyle and how well it goes with her gray hair. Ladies that decide not to dye their grays can also look young and gorgeous, right?

8. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Short Pixie Haircut

Jamie Lee Curtis’ short pixie style with layering is also easy to maintain and perfect for women who have gray and thin hair. The bangs falling casually on her forehead are simply breathtaking. Her hairstylist does also give a noticeable volume to her short hair.

9. Viola Davis’ Sleek Bob

If you’re not that into the pixie haircuts above, maybe you could try Viola Davis’ sleek bob instead. One-length waves look so chic in a side-parted bob, and anyone can rock this incredibly fashionable cut.

10. Nicole Kidman’s Updo

In need of some hairstyle inspiration before a big event like a family wedding? One of Nicole Kidman’s formal updos from the red carpet can be used as a unique wedding do. It would be great for a black-tie dress code too, so try it!

11. Emma Thompson’s Swoopy Crop

A short haircut like Emma Thompson’s can achieve flattering fullness by being blown out with a round brush and flipping out the bangs a bit. Those luscious bangs ensure the short pixie isn’t too boyish, and her warm blonde shade also gives her complexion a gorgeous glow. If you have a small and skinny face like Emma, this hairdo was definitely made for you!

12. Diane Keaton’s Silver Shag

As if Diane Keaton’s natural gray was not stunning enough, the layered shoulder-length shag makes her hair look especially cool. The thing is that it looks great on everybody, but it’s particularly chic and stylish for an older lady in her 50s.

13. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Romantic Loose Curls

Loose curls like Michelle Pfeiffer’s are a classic choice that looks gorgeous on anyone as well. This playful, dancy, and youthful look isn’t just ageless, but timeless too.

14. Lisa Rinna’s Feathery Layers

None of the short haircuts above are your cup of tea? Here’s another style we can recommend that’s full of personality. Lisa Rinna’s signature shag includes an off-center part, asymmetrical bangs, and razor-cut layers. The woman is a trendsetter!

15. Faith Hill’s Middle-Parted Long Layers

Look at Faith Hill’s lustrous blonde hair, doesn’t she look like a goddess? Keep a long, middle-parted look from falling flat by asking your stylist for at least one layer that hits near the jawline, that’s if you’d like to rock this fabulous look as well as she does of course.

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