14 Of The Fastest Animals Ever

Are you interested in what the speediest living animal in the world is? Here we have listed 14 of the fastest animals, and we are sure these animals will shock you!

1. Lion

It is known to all that lions are the king of the forest. They are considered to be formidable hunters since they can achieve up to 50 miles speed per hour to hunt their goals, such as wildebeest, zebras, and buffalos. Sometimes they will also hunt the living animals although they prefer to scavenge meat from dead animals.

2. Blue Wildebeest

Regarded as one of the largest land mammals, the blue wildebeest are very wary creatures who always search for any possible predators, like lions, crocodiles, and hyenas. They can achieve up to 50 miles per hour if the real chase occur.

3. Springbok

The Springbok is a kind of antelope which can be found in southern and southwestern Africa. They are often hunted by some predators such as leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs. However, they can reach the speed of up to 55 miles per hour when it comes to the running ability.

4. Sailfish

Usually found in warmer parts of the oceans all over the world, the sailfish always grow from blue to gray in color and are famous for their sails. The sailfish can swim up to 67 miles per hour and grow up to 4.11 feet in length. With their sail, they can stretch all the length of the back to intimidate predators.

5. Pronghorn

The pronghorn, similar to the bizarre looking animals, can be found only in North America. It is proper for them to avoid the potential predators due to their large eyes with the 320-degree vision and the running speed that can achieve up to 55 miles per hour. With such fast speed, it allows pronghorns to escape from their predators.

6. Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

Regarded as one of the most abundant mammals in North America, the Mexican free-tailed bat is a kind of medium-sized bat. They mainly feed on moths, ants, leafhoppers, and beetles. Though they are no more than 3.5 inches in length, they can fly up to 60 miles per hour and fly as high as 3000 meters.

7. Ostrich

When it comes to the ostriches, they have a variety of predators to escape. However, they can run as fast as 60 miles per hour. It is known that cheetah is the most prolific predator of ostriches. Therefore, the ostriches are more likely to be ambushed than chased.

8. Cheetah

Considered to be the fastest land mammal on the planet, the cheetah can run as fast as 75 miles an hour in only three seconds. That is what makes them great hunters. They can catch what they want in less than a minute, but it cost them a tremendous amount of energy.

9. Black Marlin

Seen as one of the biggest types of bony fish, the black marlin can grow up to 15.3 feet in length. Meanwhile, they are also very fast in running, achieving up to 80 miles per hour. Fishermen speak highly of them when it comes to their speed. It is said that once there was someone who was hurt by the black marlin.

10. White-Throated Needletail

The white-throated needle nail, also named the spin-tailed swift is a large swift. Almost endangered in the United Kingdom, the last one of the white-throated needletail was found in 2013. It can travel up as fast as about 105 miles per hour, which is now regarded one of the fastest living animals all over the world.

11. Horsefly

The horseflies are seen as one of the most horrible insect species which mainly feed on the blood of animals. And the female horseflies also eat the blood of humans. They can achieve up to the speed of 90 miles per hour. This kind of insect is active in the daily time, often avoiding the dark and shady areas.

12. Australian Tiger Beetle

Previously thought as the world’s fastest animal, the Australian tiger beetles can travel up to the speed of 125 body lengths per second. With such fast speed, they can catch what they want smoothly and get rid of any predators to keep them safe at the same time.

13. Golden Eagle

Regarded as one of the largest bird of prey in North America, the golden eagles are dark brown, with light golden-brown plumage on their heads. With their powerful feet and sharp claws, they can get up to the speed of 200 miles per hour, which can be greatly taken advantage of to catch their food, such as rabbits, hares, and squirrels.

14. Peregrine Falcon

Thought as the fastest animal in the world the peregrine falcon can achieve up to an incredible 200 miles per hour when they are chasing the prey. With such fast speed, they can catch the smaller birds and even bats at night for food. Usually, they will hunt the food they want in the mid-air.

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