12 Unattractive Celebs With Surprisingly Beautiful Children

When we mention celebrities, the first things that spring to mind are their looks and charm. Celebrities are often known for their beauty, but it is not always the case. These are celebrities who don’t have the perfect faces, but their kids look great!

1. Jay Z

Honestly, Jay-Z is one of the ugliest men on the Earth. Is he wealthier than God? You bet! But man, that face. He is so lucky to have married Queen Bey and have little Blue Ivy together. The little girl is absolutely adorable, thank God.

2. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is best known for making us laugh on Saturday Night Live. You can’t say he is ugly, but he is kind an odd guy with a signature mustache and the big grin. His daughters, however, have both grown into beautiful and sexy ladies. It looks like they are taking after their mother, who is a model.

3. Master P

One thing we all agree on is that Master P is not the most handsome rapper in the world. Of course, rappers don’t have to be handsome. However, it seems that they make pretty babies! Master P’s daughter Cymphonique is really beautiful and she is likely to be the prettiest face in the Miller Family!

4. Fabolous

We have taken our statement earlier back. Not all the rappers are bad-looking. Fabolous, quite frankly is an average looking guy! But his little son Prince Joso is a real beauty. You can’t help but fall in love with this cutie!

5. Stevie J

OMG! Who is this pretty little face is? It’s Stevie J’s daughter Eva! As popular as he is, we all know it never had anything to do with his looks. However, Mimi, Eva’s mom, is beautiful enough to create a pretty, new member of this hip hop family!

6. Lil Scrappy

It seems to be a trend that average-looking rappers have absolutely adorable kids. Yes, we are here talking about this father-daughter duo in the picture. Lil Scrappy is not a man with an attractive face everyone can admire. But, look at his daughter! She is indeed one of the most beautiful and photogenic kids we have ever seen.

7. Seal

Seal has got tremendous popularity for his voice and not for his looks. We can even say that he sometimes looks like he has a Halloween mask on. However, he produced kids who can stand out from the crowd. His kids with the model Heidi Klum are definitely the result of work on Heidi’s part.

8. Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav is always recognizable for wearing a huge clock necklace and having gold teeth. This hip hop legend has a big family with seven children. The cutest one here is his youngest daughter Karma. You can’t say Flavor Flav is attractive, but his kids are gorgeous.

9. Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica is surely not a guy we would call handsome. However, his daughter Mars was lucky enough to have inherited the beauty of her mother Erykah Badu.

10. Lil Jon

Lil Jon’s son, Nathan, is such an adorable boy and doesn’t look at all like his dad. No offense Lil Jon! Although Nathan doesn’t take his father’s looks, he is definitely inheriting his father’s musical talent.

11. Snoop Dogg

Some ladies may say that Snoop Dogg is cute, but he is definitely not good-looking in the classical sense. Whatever the case is, his sons, are absolutely handsome. Really. One of his sons, Corde, has done a few runways, which isn’t a surprise to us.

12. Meek Mill

Everybody knows Meek Mill for his fabulous hip hop recording skills. But as fabulous as his skills are, we can’t say he looks that handsome. Meek Mill is an average looking guy who has an immensely pretty little son Rihmeek.

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