12 Times That Cats Don’t Want To Cat

There has been a long time since the Internet has a love affair with cats. Memes after memes are springing up offering viewers endless hours of entertainment as they check through images of cats doing the most random things. Perhaps we human beings see something of ourselves in these pretty furry animals. Here are 12 clear signs to prove that cats want to be a human instead of a cat.

1. When you lied and put ‘Pilot’ as your career on Tinder and now you’re inundated.

2. When your life sucks and there is nothing you can do to change it.

3. I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.

4. When there is a row going in your neighborhood.

5. When you are watching a horror movie and suddenly your phone rings.

6. When your poo doesn’t flush and there is somebody else waiting in line for the toilet.

7. “Tell you what. You are not leaving this house in this outfit young lady. Go and change now.”

8. When you are obese but still confident to know you are still hot among the young ladies.

9. When you are coming home late and trying to sneak into your room, but your mom is waiting up.

10. Sharing is caring.

11. “Why do I have to eat this every day?”

12. When you beg you mom for a friend’s sleep over.

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