12 Amazing Ideas To Use Ikea Products In The Craft Room

I’m gonna just say it – I love Ikea. Ikea products are now rapidly taking over our home decor since they are relatively affordable and most of them are versatile and practical enough to be used throughout your home. So which one of these Ikea craft room hacks make you head to Ikea? Here are 12 amazing Ikea furniture hacks for your DIY projects.

1. Add your craft desk a trendy set of drawers.

You can but the mini chest of drawers from Ikea and paint it to your favorite style.

2. The RIBBA frame helps you hold peg board.

It is cheap and deep. You can get it in various sizes.

3. Use a row of FINTORP. They are cheap and extremely versatile.

They are the must-have products for your organized craft room.

4. TJENA box from Ikea helps you organize everything from small accessories to hair clips.

You can organize your tiny materials in these boxes.

5. If your room is not big enough, you should utilize all your space as possible.

KALLAX shelves are the best choice. They are provided in a wide variety of heights and widths.

6. BESTÅ storage cabinets can be used everywhere such as a TV unit, a kid’s room storage, a bedroom storage and more.

You can spray paint them so that you can brighten up your space.

7. Make your own desk.

You can use TROFAST storage system to round up your kid’s toys, and you can also use them to make your own custom craft desk.

8. Storage combination with drawers can not only be used in your office section.

It is also great to store all the crafting supplies.

9. Use Ikea’s Bekvam Spice Racks all over your house.

This super cheap spice rack from Ikea can also help you store your ribbons and washi tape.

10. Forget shoes.

These Ikea shoe racks are amazing for storing card and scrapbooking paper.

11. Give FJÄLLA magazine holders a new life.

You can not go wrong organizing with a set of magazine filers. Add some chic color, and your craft room will be both functional and pretty.

12. This is totally genius.

This $10 bed slats can be turned into a functional wall organizer.

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