11 Photos Of Mya, A Pomeranian-Husky Mix Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm

If you think this adorable creature is a fox, think again. It is neither a fire-type Pokémon or the fox from the icon of Firefox. It is a Pomeranian-Husky mix whose name is Mya. Mya is living with her owner Dave Lasio in South Floria, and she loves traveling around other states of America.

1. Mya is two years old. She lives with her owner near Philadelphia, US.

2. Her eyes is as blue as the sea. She has taken a buzz on the Internet.

3. Mya loves to cuddle with her dad, who has started an Instagram account for her. Now she has more than 25,000 followers.

4. Mya is enjoying her peace of Crystal Reservoir in Colorado.

5. She is enjoying her first play in the snow.

6. Mya is a frequent flyer.

7. Mya is very comfortable travelling around America.

8. She is sticking out her tongue at Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida

9. Mya was perfectly pictured when she was at Bonita beach dog park as the sun set.

10. She is hiking along a river in Manitou Springs in Colorado.

11. Mya loves playing around with her owner. She is now waiting for him to take her to the park.

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