10 Women Leap off The Paper Alive After Wearing Dresses Made By Him

Creative ideas are from little things, and not everyone has the wisdom to find it, while Edgar Artis, a fashion illustrator, can make it. Instead of simple drawing, Artis uses delicious food or the art of the cutout to make the fashion waves. After these girls wear dresses he made, they become lovely, sexy or even delicious. The outfits are adorable, and anyone who sees wants to try it on or even eat them all.

1. I want to eat up every single one of these strawberries.

2. Made of beetroot. It’s amazingly unique.

3. Never think that shell can be for a dress!

4. Have you ever imagine one day wearing real flowers?

5. Give me some leaves and I’ll make you the most charming Eve!

6. Can you imagine it made out of Red Wine? Come and enjoy it!

7. Well, this one is for your Easter Party.

8. Perfect Broccoli gown for a pleasant day.

9. Wow, I want to fly with her!

10. An incredible dress made out of scotch tape.

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