10 Tips For Preventing Cancer In Young Adults

Young people are just starting out in life, and they shouldn’t have to worry about something like cancer. But the fact is that cancer in adults under 50 is on the rise, and what’s the worse, most of them are unaware of the danger. Let’s see some scary statistics about cancer in young adults.

Then how to prevent cancer in our youth? Here’re 10 best tips.

1. If you smoke, stop!

Apart from lung cancer, smoking increases your risk of multiple cancers such as cancers of kidney, liver, stomach, colon, larynx, bladder, throat, pancreas and more.

2. If you drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages a week, cut back!

Studies have found that women who have 3 drinks a week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of many cancers including cancers of mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon and more.

3. If you eat fast food, wean yourself off!

Fast food contains trans-fats, high sugar and carbohydrate loads which can lead to cancer, clogged arteries, and many other diseases. One of the 19 ingredients in an McD’s french fry is silly putty, an anti-foaming agent used mostly for silicone sealants and caulking.

4. Drink fresh and pure water!

Water is the best detoxifier, but never drink straight from the tap because municipal water contains fluoride which is linked to neurological damage and hypothyroidism. Also, choose reverse osmosis filters to purify your drinking water, and use a BPA-free plastic or glass container for your liquids.

5. Throw away your microwave oven now!

Microwaving along with cell phones is a common source of radiation which may cause several cancers including skin cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia and more. If you do have to use a microwave, NEVER heat things up in plastic or Styrofoam containers. Otherwise, you’ll be eating toxic food, not leftover pizza.

6. If you eat meat, switch to those without hormones and antibiotics!

The pork tends to come with more toxin and parasitic build-up than other meat proteins, so cut back your intake of pork, and turn to eat grass-fed, organic, and hormone-free meat.

7. Use organic body care products and household cleaners!

A study has found that a solvent known as perchloroethylene used in traditional dry cleaning may cause liver cancer, kidney cancer, and leukemia. Also, avoid products that contain chemicals like formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

8. Put your cell phone down!

Mobile phones as we’ve mentioned earlier with the microwave oven is a most common source of EMF pollution (radiation) that can induce various cancers. So ladies – NEVER carry your phone in your bra, and gents – get your phone out of your pocket. Also, use the speaker while talking on the phone, and put your laptop and tablet off your lap while using them.

9. Eat some cancer-fighting foods every day!

Cancer-fighting foods include broccoli, flax, green and leafy veggies and omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in fresh and organic cold water fish. Also, Check your vitamin D and iodine levels. Vitamin D deficiency can cause not only cancer, but also diabetes and osteoporosis. Iodine helps to regulate endocrine and reproductive system hormone levels.

10. Don’t stress out!

Stress is a killer that can lead to cancer. So when you feel overwhelmed, take some deep, slow breaths, walk in nature, write a journal, or do something that will help you nourish yourself. Remember to de-stress and keep vibrant every day!

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