10 Things You Never Knew You Can Do With Coca-Cola

1. Coke float popsicles

A wonderful Popsicle for this summer. Wow, i wanna get one!

2. Coca-Cola chicken

Chicken wings cooked with coca cola is crispy and tasteful. A nice choice for your next party!

3. Cherry Coke ice-cream float

Vanilla ice-cream mixed with cherry syrup, brings out the best of Coca Cola!

4. Cute Coca-Cola cupcakes

Have a try to put salted peanuts in coke. The combo will perfectly give you a sweet and salty bite.

5. Great balls of cola!

It’s favorable to spin the recipe with cola or whisky if you prefer.

6. Coca-Cola jelly salad

A Jello salad with the flavors of cherry, cola, pineapple, and nuts. sweet and tart. Interesting.

7. Dirty Coke fudge

A weird name, but it’s really tempting.

8. Slow-cooked roast beef

A great recipe for a slower cooker pot roast.

9. Coca-Cola ice-cream cake

It is very yummy!

10. Coca-Cola cake

A classical cake on the list

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