10 Rescue Dog Change That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We are glad to share with you before and after pictures of the rescued dogs. Here are the incredible results.

1. Fiona

Fiona was found abandoned starving to death on the streets in Taiwan and rescued through a sister golden retriever rescue in Los Angeles. She was lovely at first sight, and we’ve had her since 2013. She now loves life.

2. Athena

Athena had been tied up outside starving. She was 29 pounds when Animal Services took her in. She was shy at first but soon warmed up. She’s now up to 65 pounds, and she loves to cuddle.

3. Audrey

Audrey was found on the side of the road nearly dying. She’s now the smartest, sweetest, and friendliest dog. She loves everyone she meets and brings great joy to our lives.

4. Midnight

Midnight was adopted from an amazing rescue organization called Providing for Paws. Her jaw was broken by a bigger dog. She has been fixed and fostered for almost a year until adopted. “I can’t imagine my life without her! She’s the smartest, sweetest little pup ever!” Yamini R said.

5. Penny

Penny was found sleeping in the garbage on the side of the road. She had fully demodex mange, fleas, and ticks. After four-month-long meds, excessive bathing, and a lot of love, she was adopted. by Grace, Kahler “I’m so happy I was able to help her find her forever family!” She said.

6. Banjo

What was once a terrified, scrawny, and lonely puppy at a shelter is a happy dog now.

7. Atticus

This baby was saved from a cruelty case back in March.

8. Max

Max was found in a field, beaten and poisoned. He was rescued by a charity and then adopted for three years, and he gets daily cuddles and kisses.

9. Ned

When I first adopted, he had terrible flea dermatitis and an ear infection. Now, three years later, he’s perfectly healthy.

10. Karlos

Karlos was rescued by an organization called Wings of Love Kuwait. He’s now a bubbly, cuddly little ball of fluff!

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