10 Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Of All Time

Millions of photos are posted on the Internet every single day. However, posting such pictures on the Internet is not actually safe as it might fall into someone’s hand who can change the whole concept. Yes, they use Photoshop, which has become increasingly popular with passing time. Here are 16 Photoshop battles which will give you a nice dose of laughter.

1. Original: The kid forgetting to add water when heating noodles.

2. Photoshopped: Gordon Ramsey yelling at the kid for his mistake.

3. Original: A teacher sharing her idea about the dangers of posting a photo online.

4. Photoshopped: Beyonce helping her in delivering her message.

5. Original: Ferguson Peace Train in procession during the riots.

6. Photoshopped: Turd Fergusson driving the peace train.

7. Original: Hockey Referee looking terrified.

8. Photoshopped: The Referee going to the Haunted House with the Home Girls.

9. Original: Robert Mugabe falling from the podium.

10. Photoshopped: Robert Mugabe saving his country from the danger invasion.

11. Original: Shotput player in action.

12. Photoshopped: The knock out punch.

13. Original: Cute and photogenic polar bears waving to the camera.

14. Photoshopped: Your two giant neighbors waving goodbye to you.

15. Original: Cute and chubby puppy jumping over.

16. Photoshopped: The pug Brigade taking charge.

17. Original: A boy playing with his marmot.

18. Photoshopped: A long time ago some place in the Galaxy.

19. Original: The winner of The Lunch Date with The Lakers Girl Contest.

20. Photoshopped: Here is the Jabba.

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