10 Healthiest Human Food For Dogs

There is plenty of people food that we would like to share with our dogs. Some are very healthy, while others can bevery toxic to them. Fear not, here is a list of 10 human snacks that can benefit our four-legged friends.

1. Lean Meat: Energy

Lean meat includes chicken, pork and beef which are a great source of Vitamin B and amino acids. These help boost energy and metabolism.

2. Salmon And Tuna: Shiny Coat And Strong Immune System

Fatty fish like tuna and salmon are good for our four-legged friends since they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. They help maintain a skinny and healthy coat.

3. Liver: Vitamins A, B, And K

Liver is rich in vitamins and iron. It also contains many essential nutrients our dogs need. However, try not to give them too much liver, since a lot of vitamin A is hazardous for them.

4. Oatmeal: Digestion

Oatmeal contains lots of fiber, which helps our dogs to digest food smoothly and comfortably. Be sure to cool the oatmeal down before giving it to dogs. Otherwise the hot cereal would burn the inside of their mouths.

5. Parsley: Fresh Breath

If your dog has stinky breath, chop up some fresh parsley . Parsley contains potassium and calcium, which are the essential minerals for dogs.

6. Peas: Potassium

Peas are rich in potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B. They are a wonderful snack to add to your dog’s meal.

7. Carrots: Healthy Teeth

Carrots are hard and crunchy, which is a great way for dogs to scrape plaque and other gunk off their teeth. Besides, carrots are packed full of vitamins which are great for their health. Baby carrots are perfect, especially for small dogs.

8. Seaweed Nori: Metabolism

Dried edible seaweed is a Japanese stable often associated with sushi. It is rich in protein, vitamin, soluble fiber and other minerals like copper and zinc. It is beneficial for the immune system, anti-tumor response and more.

9. Yogurt Or Cottage Cheese: Calcium

Yogurt is highly recommended since it is rich in calcium and protein. Make sure you choose yogurt that doesn’t contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

10. Coconut Oil: Protein, Immunity, And Skin Health

Coconut contains Lauric acid, which produces a compound called monoglyceride with the synthesis in both humans and dogs.

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