10 Facts To Know Ivanka Trump, Donald’s ‘Favorite’

Sitting in the front row, supporting her father in the US presidential debate, Ivanka Trump, the middle daughter, has always been Donald Trump’s favorite child. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. The apple of her father’s eye

As opposed to her father’s controversy, Ivanka is much more measured and thoughtful. She owns a business in her own right.

2. Ivanka was a teen model

Ivanka started her life in the spotlight as a model at age 14, first appearing on the cover of “Seventeen”.

3. She attended the Warton School of Business

She initially enrolled at Georgetown University and transferred to the Wharton School of Business, her father’s alma mater.

4. She has not been involved too much in politics

Although she announced her father’s candidacy, she has not been involved much in the campaign. Most of her social content focuses on her brand and life.

5. She created a women’s brand

She wants to put her idea of life into fashion. That’s how WomenWhoWork came out.

6. Orthodox Jewish faith

Ivanka converted to Judaism before getting married.

7. That does not mean she does not support her father.

She told Forbes “I’m his greatest advocate, and I very much support him. My role is that of daughter.”

8. She defends that Her father 100% believes in gender equality.

In an interview with Town & Country magazine, Ivanka stressed that her father “100 percent believes in equality of gender.”

9. It is she who called Donald Trump to run for president.

10. She is friendly with Chelsea Clinton.

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