10 Celebrities Who Don’t Seem To Age

1. Jennifer Aniston pictured in 2004 & 2015

Jennifer Aniston seems never age a day since Friends. 11-years time just adds to her maturity instead of aging old.

2. Jennifer Lopez – Pictured in 2001 & 2015

Compared to 14 years ago when she was at the opening ceremony of the film “The Wedding Planner”, she looks far more stunning and fashionable now.

3. Will Smith – Pictured in 1998 & 2015

It’s hard to believe that Will Smith is already 46 years old since he seems energetic and fit all the time just like his other name “The Fresh Prince”.

4. Owen Wilson – Pictured in 2000 & 2015

Golden hair, blue eyes and fit body, 15 years barely seems to leave anything on Owen Wilson.

5. Gwen Stefani – Pictured in 1997 & 2015

After 17 years, Gwen Stefani still looks amazing, and strangers wouldn’t even think that she’s in her late forties.

6.Julia Roberts – Pictured in 1999 & 2015

Perhaps because of her great smile, red cheeks and movie characters that have been loved nearly by everyone, she always seems young and attractive.

7.Sandra Bullock – Pictured in 1995 & 2015

Sandra Bullock has been smokingly hot since her debut, and 20 years passed, we are surprised to find that instead of growing old, she become more elegant and mysteriously attractive.

8. Morgan Freeman – Pictured in 2003 & 2015

The first time I saw him in “Shawshank Redemption” (1994), Morgan Freeman already seemed to be an esteemed grandpa to me, which I believe many people feels the same with me. After 12 years, he still looks that way, only to be more veteran and charming.

9. Dame Judi Dench – Pictured in 2003 & 2015

Just like Freeman, Dame Judi Dench also impresses me with her image as a powerful, aged lady whom you don’t want to irritate. Compared with 12 years ago, she seems more radiant and younger.

10. Halle Berry – Pictured in 1999 & 2015

As one of the most successful African-American actress, Halle Berry also keeps her appearance in superb condition.

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