10 Biggest Senior Discounts To Use In 2021

Senior discounts are one of the few truly great perks for senior citizens. However, thousands of seniors are still wasting their money simply for not knowing about them. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a great list of brand new savings discounts, from discounts on groceries to savings on monthly expenses. Make sure to read through to the end, in case you miss out on a discount.

1. Claim Your Free Home Security System For Just $99 Installation

Statistics show seniors are most susceptible to home invasions, but 60% of burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems. Therefore, it’s vital for the elderly to install a home security system. Thankfully, you can get an $850 worth of equipment for just the initial $99 installation fee. Thereafter you can sign up for the 36/24 monthly monitoring service.

2. Get $3,000/Year Off Your Mortgage With Free HiRO Program

This is the top secret that banks don’t want you to know about, and millions of homeowners are missing out on this simply because they think it’s “too good to be true.” In fact, the High LTV Refinance Option (HiRO) is government sponsored and could reduce your mortgage by as much as $3,000 per year. It could expire at any time, so act now and see if you qualify.

3. Do Not Pay For Home Appliance Repairs Again!

Unexpected home appliance repairs can be devastating for seniors on a fixed monthly budget, as your home insurance doesn’t cover them. Fortunately, there is the new Home Warranty Program that is now available for seniors. The program covers appliances, ACs, heaters, roofing repairs, etc., and could save you thousands in the long run. If there is something they can’t fix, they’ll replace it.

4. Save Up To 70% On Your Car Insurance

You may not know that lots of insurance companies give discounts to seniors that have good driving records. You can get a much lower car insurance rate by simply comparing auto insurance rates online. For instance, Provide Auto Insurance offers multiple carriers’ insurance quotes for you to choose from. Take advantage of these free services, and you can save up to 70% each year!

5. Get Government Rebates To Go Solar And Cut Your Energy Bill

Do you know you can greatly reduce your monthly electricity bill by simply going solar? That’s all thanks to the little known government program, the Solar Income Tax Credit. Homeowners living in qualified zip codes can cut their electricity bills by 75% – 80% by installing solar panels. Seniors can get thousands in rebates by making the best of the program.

6. Join AARP: 25% Off Your 1st Year With Auto-Renew

Join AARP, and you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts that can save you a lot of money. The nonprofit organization offers trustworthy information and resources that can help protect your health, family, and career. AARP members can enjoy 25% off dining, travel, prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc. In addition, they only need to pay $12 for their first year of membership with auto-renew. Plus, they’ll receive free gifts from time to time.

7. Discounts On Prescriptions

There are multiple great discounts available on prescriptions, and here we’ve collected a few of the best. Rite Aid RX Savings program – this can save you 20% on thousands of drugs; Costco Member Prescription Program – members can save up to 80% on medications that aren’t covered by insurance; CVS Extra Care Saving and Rewards program – this delivers “ExtraSavings” through personalized coupons. Walgreens and Walmart Pharmacy are also great programs that offer significant discounts.

8. Discount On Eating Out

Lots of restaurants, from fast food to steak restaurants, offer good senior dining deals. Here are some of the best: McDonald’s – discounts on coffee and beverages for seniors over 55; Whataburger – free drink with the purchase of a meal for seniors over 55; Wendy’s – give free coffee or other discounts; Piccadilly Cafeteria – 10% discount with “Prime Time for Seniors” card; Subway – 10% off for seniors over 60; etc. Deals vary based on location and can change without notice.

9. Shopping Discounts For Seniors

You might be surprised to learn that a number of trendy shops give senior citizens discounts too. For instance, if you are over 50 years old, you can get a 10% discount at the Banana Republic, simply by asking for it. More stores that offer senior discounts include Bealls Outlet, Belk, Clarks, Dressbarn, Kohl’s, SteinMart, Hallmark, Michael’s, etc. Just remember to ask if you can enjoy a discount next time you visit a shop. Maybe you’ll have good luck.

10. IMemories – Transfer VHS Tapes And Old Photos To DVD

If your memories are preserved on tapes or film, and you can’t play them because you don’t have a VHS player, iMemories is here to help. It helps turn your old photos and tapes into a high-resolution digital format at an affordable price. All you need to do is to request a shipping kit and then send it back with your tapes or photos. They’ll send you back a DVD, and then you can relive and rewind your past to your heart’s content.

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