10 Amazing Facts About Bananas You Won’t Believe

We have been used to see bananas everywhere and think them very ordinary fruits. However, some facts we may never think about them are incredible enough to make you choose them as the everyday snacks.

1 50% of the Human Beings’s DNA resembles that of Bananas.

2. Bananas are radioactive! Eating 50 bananas will give you the same dose of radiation as a dental x-ray.

3. 75% of its composition is pure water.

4. Good news for a hangover: It can help prevent and cure aftereffects.

5. Bananas were originally red and green. Yellow bananas were discovered due to a mutation in 1836.

6. Bananas are the Bestsellers at Walmart!

7. Slipping on bananas peel was once an actual health hazard in the early 1900s.

8. It’s a natural cure to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

9. It contains a natural chemical that can make a person happy.

10. Eating two bananas provide enough energy for an intense workout last for about 90minutes.

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