Progressive Sports
Steve Sobonya M.A., C.S.C.S.


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Private Training:

- Progressive Sports Conditioning offers the most up to date and cutting edge fitness training. In addition to fitness training, programs include critical areas such as weight loss, muscle gain, body fat composition, muscle mass, strength gains, & flexibility. Upon completion of the inital fitness tests, an individual fitness & nutrition plan will be designed and created by Steve Sobonya. Unique "homework" assignments will be given between sessions so that the athlete may continue working towards their goals. $360 for 12 sessions

Speed School

- We will cover mechanics, speed progression, acceleration, plyometrics, change of direction, & sport speed. Running concepts are implemented to enable the athletes to change direction quickly without added effort or loss of balance. Speed is an essential factor to all sports.

Sports Performance

- Athletes will be placed in training groups by sport& will perform a progressive sport-specific program. Each session will include a period of speed, plyometrics, strength, agility, & core training. Through the use of swiss& medicine balls, routines will be performed to utilize the neuromuscular system in a way that no piece of equiptment can incorporate. All participants are quaranteed to improve performance. This camp will give athletes the opprotunity to see what it takes at a professional level to reach their goals.

Core Training

- Core strength is essential for all sports specfic, functional movement. We teach our athletes to utilize the neuromuscular system, foucusing on the trunk and mid-section strength. Employing yoga & pilates movements, athletes strengthen their back, posture, & functional mobility.

Weekday Boot Camp

- For the fitness enthusiast, we have developed a tremendous class that offers a fun way to get in shape. With the support of group members, individuals will reach goals that never seemed within reach before. An emphasis will be placed on increasing body tone, work capacity, cardio endurance, abdominals, & nutrition.